Motorcycle Trip :: July 26th to July 30th

july26-30July 26th travel from Anchorage AK to Tok AK Weather is beautiful with brilliant sunshine with temps ranging from low 50’s to mid-70. Hard to describe the scenic beauty of this days run but in short this is way folks come to Alaska. The views are a never ending array of huge mountains, rivers, valley’s, glaciers and vista’s that seem to go on forever.

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Motorcycle Trip :: August 3rd to August 6th

alaskasunsetFriday August 3rd Bellingham WA to Ontario OR- Our ship arrives one half hour late which makes our day just a little more challenging. What time is it becomes a central theme of the day. Until we docked in Bellingham WA we remain on Alaskan time which is 4 hours behind Eastern. Once we arrive in Bellingham it changes to 3 hours for Pacific time and our destination Ontario OR is Mountain time is a 2 hour change.

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Motorcycle Trip :: July 20th to July 25th

alaskav3July 20th thru 23rd Friday, Saturday and Sunday were day off @ Denali AK-
Stayed at McKinley Village Lodge rustic and modern at same time. Situated on the Nenana River it really was a beautiful spot. The small village which is the entrance to Denali National Park is only open for business from mid-May to early September then it’s closed up till next spring. Most people travel here via bus or train from Anchorage looking for adventure. Activities we enjoyed included an unbelievable plane ride to Denali Mountain which is 100 miles west of park entrance.

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Motorcycle Trip :: July 15th to July 19th

dogsJuly 15th Sunday- Watson Lake Yukon Territory to Whitehorse Yukon Territory- We stopped for lunch in I think Jake’s Crossing and meet here’s—————- Jack and his granddaughter. Place has only 4 tables in whole joint with some of the best wall graffiti anywhere. Owner Jim says see those people right there they just ordered and it’s taken up the whole grill so you better not want anything off the grill. He also points out don’t order the breakfast it’s to big you can’t eat it. Anyways he’s a character and I order breakfast and he’s right I can’t finish.

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Motorcycle Trip :: July 11th to July 14th

mooseandkenJuly 11th Wednesday Banff AB to Prince George BC Canada-Banff to Prince George BC turns out to be one of the most spectacular rides ever. Weather is perfect with breathtaking scenery very similar to the Alps but you run parallel and thru mountain terrain verse up an over. Jasper National Park is beautiful and perfect for riding motorcycles while busy traffic was not an issue. My cruise control is now working why I don’t know but I’m happy. I would recommend anyone who wants to see mountains and lakes to visit this area. Being close to Calgary it’s easy to get to.

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