Punta Gorda Airport and Real Estate Values


punta gorda airport460x345By a margin of 4 to 0 The Airport Authority voted in favor of changing the name of Charlotte County Airport to Punta Gorda Airport. The name change was a marketing decision to help enhance the airports competitiveness. Southwest Florida has long been recognized as a destination for travelers coming from the Northeast along with the Midwest. However Charlotte County Airport remained a mystery to most travelers.

No one really knows for sure the impact the name had on lost business but in this competitive environment many felt it was time to change the name. Punta Gorda has a long history, including its airport, originally built as a training facility for the military. Punta Gorda became a household name across the country after the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Charlie. No matter how people have come to know Punta Gorda, The Airport Authority is hoping the name change will help the marketability of the airport, in turn benefiting the entire county.

Why should residents of Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte care, well numerous airport studies have been done throughout the US, pointing to many economic benefits such as……….

* Each dollar spent by aviation generates on average an additional $1.52 in economic activity.
* Airport or related jobs are not only created but show a 40% higher pay rate than average.
* Nearly 3 jobs are created in the visitor related sector for every airport job.
* Aviation attracts new industry to the area.
* Visitors spend money locally.
* Tax revenue is generated (most airports pay for themselves).

So what’s this got to do with real estate? Well as it turns out quite a bit. The experts will point to a number of intangibles all contributing enhance economic activity on some level. The long and short of it is, airports on a multitude of levels create a “rising tide for all ships” and this includes real estate values. A good example would be locals have a short commute to the airport, while travelers enjoy easy access to our beautiful area. Both activities generate revenue for the local economy.

No matter where you look Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte continue to move forward, constantly improving, striving to be unique and vibrant communities. If you’re looking for a place to call home in Florida you could not find a better place. To learn more about the incredible real estate values in Punta Gorda or Port Charlotte just visit www.paradiseinpuntagorda.com or email ken@paradiseinpuntagorda.com if you would prefer don’t hesitate to call Ken at 941-661-9773.


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