Punta Gorda Real Estate is Flying High with Allegiant!

Recently I took a non-stop flight from Punta Gorda Airport to Portsmouth NH taking 3 hours. Alternative would be to drive to Fort Myers and take connecting flight to Boston and driving another hour to my destination. At 35,000 feet I had a chance to reflect on the benefits of having a real airport just 5 miles from my home.Too often we just hear negative things related to airports in the media. Frequently the story focus ends up being the view of a few disgruntled people that get all the attention. It’s interesting that much the community’s success can be tied to the numerous benefits Punta Gorda Airport has brought to Charlotte County.

I’ve taken numerous trips from Punta Gorda Airport and I can tell you the combination of it being only 5 miles from my home and the airport being easy to navigate, compared to larger airports, makes things really nice when starting a trip. As an example, there’s no worries regarding traffic in getting to the airport. Unlike travel on Interstate 75 which can be shut down or significantly slowed by an accident which happens fairly frequently.

Punta Gorda Airport is hassle free and low stress.

Should my plane be late, delayed or canceled its just a short ride home where I can wait things out. Parking is just $11 per day and only $65 per week much less than Fort Myers. Getting a ride is easy as I have a family, a willing neighbor or Uber as choices of getting there. In short, getting to the airport is hassle free.

So, now I’m at the airport for my 2:06pm non-stop flight to Portsmouth NH. Boarding pass in on my phone the next step is to get through security which today while busy is smooth with no hang-ups. Morning flights are generally busy with 7 gates available and many flights are scheduled in a tight sequence to leave so it’s wise to arrive early. The biggest handicap is Punta Gorda airport has no jetports so weather can sometimes be a problem especially with summer thunderstorms.

Lighting strikes within 5 miles will halt boarding and initiate de-planning. Today’s trip boarding is quick and before I know it, we’re off. Plane departures and arrivals rarely have delays because airport traffic is typically light. I settle back watching a movie on my tablet and next thing I know we’re approaching Portsmouth NH and arrive about 15 minutes early. Allegiant only flys into smaller regional airports like Punta Gorda again this eliminates some of the problems associated with bigger airports.

My ride picks me up and just like that we’re having dinner in one of my favorite restaurants in Kittery Maine at 5:30pm. Door to door including arriving 1 hour prior to my departure it’s a 4 1⁄2 hour trip, pretty nice!

Allegiant at Punta Gorda Airport

Allegiant is the only airline servicing Punta Gorda Airport.

This trip was on Allegiant Airlines which currently is the only service available from Punta Gorda Airport. The TV Show 60 Minutes this past year had a critical segment on Allegiant however they’ve responded with a fleet of newer airplanes coupled with an expansion of maintenance to address the criticism. Current info shows a fleet age of roughly 13 years which is about middle of the pack for major airlines and Allegiant is the nations 9th largest airline. Interestingly the 60 minute segment hasn’t slowed the airline down nor has social media ,which is mostly off the mark, has had no negative impact.

I’m a well-seasoned traveler with over 2 million miles of air travel over a 20 year period between 1980 and 2000. On balance my experience flying Allegiant has been positive.

Much has changed in the airline industry with the biggest benefit being lower fares and a general drop in amenities and service. Allegiant is considered a low cost airline, but I view them as a provider of convenience above all else. Traveling non-stop to 40 plus destinations from Punta Gorda, in my book, is impressive. To learn more about Allegiant Air click here.

The positive economic impact of Punta Gorda Airport and Allegiant Airlines is enormous. In 2018 roughly 1.6 million passengers traveled through Punta Gorda Airport up from 15 thousand in 2007.

Click here to check flights and learn more about Punta Gorda Airport.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation this all added up to $1.27B annually (yes billion!). Looking ahead, Las Vegas based Allegiant Travel Company is rolling the dice and has already broken ground on Charlotte Harbor with their Sunseeker Resort. The $470 million dollar project with 3 nine story towers consisting of 500 standard hotel rooms and 180 extended stay suites when completed will be a big draw for the area in many ways.

Hurricane Charley is what initially put Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte under national spotlight and brought a lot of attention to the area. Since then the city has had solid growth while preserving its historic roots and holding a reputation as one of the best waterfront communities in the USA. End result is that Punta Gorda Real Estate has been flying high as the area continues to attract quality development projects.

I believe you’d be hard pressed to find an area which offers so much with affordable real estate values.

The next ten years of Punta Gorda Real Estate looks pretty bright. To learn more about this wonderful community contact Ken Poirier at ken@paradiseinpuntagorda.com or just call 941-661-9773.

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