Punta Gorda Waterfront Property and Why “Out Time” Matters

What exactly is “out time”? Simply stated it’s the time it takes to get out to the harbor or open water by boat from a home. Both Punta Gorda Isles and Burnt Store Isles have extensive canal systems that affect boating out times. Depending on where a home is located will dictate how long this journey will take to open water.

Some locations within Punta Gorda Isles and Burnt Store Isles have out times in excess of 45 minutes. No matter how much you like boating no one wants to travel at minimum wake speed for this long especially after a fun day of boating activities on a hot day.

Homes of equal value are significantly impacted by out time. If a home location is closer to Charlotte Harbor or Peace River, then value of land increases. Conversely the further away from open water land value will decrease. The development of Punta Gorda Isles incorporated a number of bridges to help keep out time to a reasonable level in most neighborhoods. Without bridges boaters would have been routed around to fewer and further canal exit locations. In most cases out time ranges from a few minutes to less than 20 minutes. One exception is the “Bird Section” with some areas frustrated by out times in excess of 45 minutes.

In comes Buckley Pass

Well that is about to end with the long awaited “Buckley Pass” projected to start construction in July 2019 with a scheduled completion date of December 2019. This project has been discussed for 20 years and in the works for past 5 years. The approval of this project was complex and required approval or support from residents, Charlotte County, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Army Corps of Engineers while navigating lawyers and local government demands.

A great deal of credit goes to the Punta Gorda Boaters Alliance who’ve shepherd the project from the beginning. After a lot of hard work by many folks all Bird Section home owners will enjoy a boating out times reflective of other neighborhoods of Punta Gorda Isles.

In addition, home and vacant land should see a nice bump in value based on being more attractive to serious boaters who’ve been reluctant to purchase a home in this area (Click here to see a the Buckley Pass timeline) due to lengthy boating out times.

Burnt Store Isles Out Times

Burnt Store Isles out times are handicapped by two things; 1) no bridges within the neighborhood and 2) all locations having to navigate down Alligator Creek even though the trip down is actually a pleasant scenic journey. One benefit is when you exit into Charlotte Harbor your closer to the barrier islands which is a favorite boater destination.

When considering purchasing a home or land in Burnt Store Isles time to Alligator Creek must be factored in. This can range from a few minutes to 40 minutes based on home location. So, in terms of a quick out to open water Burnt Store Isles doesn’t have any area with an out time less than 15 minutes. For many who aren’t in hurry Burnt Store Isles is the place to be.

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